Paracelsus Reise with Semperosa

Neue Nachbarn, Schierkerstrasse 23, Berlin

Liebe Nachbarn,

every Wednesday we welcome a singer/songwriter for a Paracelsus trip.

We proudly invite for this edition Semperosa American singer/songwriter Rosa Tu. Semperosa writes original acoustic songs with (mostly) English lyrics inspired by Irish ballads and folk traditions across the world. Her musical aim is to create what in Japanese poetry is described as a "za" moment. The whole world melts away and every participant-- the performer, each audience member, even the plant on the table -- is fully present. Semperosa writes music to comfort herself, shares it to comfort others, and on the best of evenings everyone walks away with the memory of something warm and healing.

Doors at 20hr, Music at 21:30hr